Buck the fuck!

19 01 2008
Hy there blogger!Okay so since Im such a nice person Im gonna give you a break and instead of reading all this useless shit on my blog,you can go listen to the useless shit on Michael’s vlog.Yep,some good news 4 all you youtubers.An amasing guy…loves to make fun of Britney and celebreties in general(my tipe).Hes gay(yaaaaaay) and hes the funniest thing alive.So watch one of his videos and subscribe…he’s like the most famous youtuber ever so you’re lucky to be able to subscribe and leave comments.Also,he read many of his comments…when he cans but you can go to www.buckhollywood.com and watch the bonus episodes.Oh god,did I forget to say the show’s called „What the buck?”Silly me…anyway,spend some time youtubing with this guy,its worth it.And now I’ve got an excuse 4 not making my homework…maybe thats why I wear glasses?Yeah Im youtubing so much my eyes are burning.Do you love it?(one of bucks famous quotes…many of them very hard to understand).

But anyways here’s the link to his profile…subscribe and rate it even if you hate it!


I have to have it!


I’m back!

1 01 2008
Hey muthafuckers IM BACK!I know it’s been a long long time…well almost a year but forget that shit cuz im bored out of my mind and was thinking maybe it would be best for me and everybody (kinda) to return to my sences and continue with this MF blog.I was expecting to go on with my blog a little earlier but I forgot my username and my password and oh well I remember everything.Now for all you gay little lovers I have another blog,http://thequeerest.wordpress.com// where I will be posting all queer as folk episodes,5 seasons.Oh yeah,you can thank me later but since it isnt a kids show I think to watch some of the episodes you need to be over 18 and for that you need to log in…on youtube.But it’s no big deal it’s simple and free so no problem.

And i’ve read some comments.You know,some people are mean others are just straight and others dont give a shit.Ehem…someone said Gerard has every right to get married,hes a human being i should get over it blah blah blah…well if she or he ever reads this,I must say I never had a crush on Gerard I just wanted to fuck him in my wild fantasies and it’s just heartbreaking that he got married cause you know he’s unfuckable to say so.But his loving wife is the bassist of Mindless Self Indulgence,a band that I completly LOVE and always will no matter who marries who.

 Others said bla,bla,bla nice blog interesting,gee’s so effing hot….for those who appriciate my blog I really thank you for bothering,and really,it’s no hard work its just something you do when you’re bored.

And there was a guy who said something about gay people.Well…for him I must say:”It’s okay,I know you’re confused and you wanna share your ideas but being mean to gay people is not going to help you,one day you’re gonna have to get out of the closet!”

 Well,then I’ll see you on thequeerest.wordpress.com and tnx again.

Fin de Blog

28 06 2007

Hey guys…I’m sorry to say this but I think my blog is kinda ending.I don’t know if it’s official yet,but I just can’t find inspiration for anything.I’ve been checking my latest posts and I descovered it’s a complete disaster.I don’t get enough sleep so it’s kinda frustrating,and I’ve been having some economic problems lately.And school just killed me.But now it’s over,and it seems like the economics and sentimental problems are finaly over,but I guess I have to settle things down and find myself,cause I’m really lost.I have no idea what I want need or diserve so what I want to do is let the waters cool off.Maybe it’s just gonna be a while….but I really feel like I’m not good enough for this blog.So thanks for all those who wrote my posts and I really really really apriciate it.And despise the minimum quantity of comments on my blog,I know who likes my blog and who doesnt.But anyways,Im going to Romania in vacation this summer,in august and its gonna be real fun,so I maybe I’ll meet you there.Anyway,keep on commenting my posts cause I’ll check ‘em till the end of the summer.Then maybe with some hope,love and a lot of help,I’ll start over.I love you guys,and I know how pathetic this is,but I really do…and if I don’t come back here,just remember to love everyone that loves you and deserves to be loved and YES live your life as well as you can and maybe I’m just a kid but I know how short it can be,it could end in 50 years or tomorrow so live it right,have fun and love eachother!That’s all…Don’t drink and drive.Paris Hilton is stupid!dscn6940.jpg


10 songs that changed my life

16 06 2007

Da deci se intelege totul,right?De la titlu I mean…

Gerard Way engaged?!

3 06 2007


Yeah,so they’re at this festival thing in Germany and some guy asks him if the ring on his left hand is an engagement ring and Bob says:”It’s a ring for our friendship” or something like that.And Gerard fuckin’ says:”No,actually it’m engaged and I’m very excited about it”

Like…..wtf are you doing?!He said he wouldn’t get married or anything like that ,before he fineshes the Black Parade tour.It’s so fuckin heart-breaking.I’m not sure if it’s real or it’s just a speculation,but god damn it hurts.I mean,I don’t have nothing against his decision,cause he’s like 30,but what if she’s a bitch?Gerard diserves more than the best in this world and I’m not sure I can accept the thought that one chick can offer him all that.

It’s just so odd…my idol…my fuckn’ God…who saved my pathetic life i dunno…is getting married?

Life’s such a bitch.I feel amasingly weird,but I’m not gonna cry or bitch about and just accept it.I know I’ll love him forever and ever till the end of this fucked up world,as the heroe of my teenager life.And I’m also aware of his capibility of making right decisions and if he fails all his great and true fans will support him,same as I will.

Don’t blame me if I’m wrong,but I still belive it’s Aliza Cuts [whore!]

Anyway,I wish you guys all the best…no matter how much it hurts,I trust this guy more than any guy I’ve never met personaly.

But just so you know Gerard,if that bitch does anything to you that could hurt any unseenable part of your skin,I’ll come runing to New Jersey and cut her fucking face off!!!

Oh and did you know that more than 234,556,456 cummit suicide over singer’s engagements?


3 06 2007


Matthew Goode may be straight, but that doesn’t mean he can’t admire another chap’s good looks. Out‘s Stylelist recently chopped up the dashing British actor about his forthcoming role as Charles Ryder in the screen adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s gayish classic, Brideshead Revisisted.

Not only did Goode tell them he longed for the role, but there’s no question about why co-star Ben Wishaw‘s playing the more sissified Sebastian:

I wasn’t pretty enough. They gave it to Ben because when the camera settles on him you gasp at his beauty. I mean I have a girlfriend and all, but still…

One can’t help but feel bad for the theater staff – all that drool’s going to be a bitch to clean up.

Goode went on to say that he „can’t complain about filling [Jeremy] Irons’ shoes”. Irons, you may recall, played Ryder in the 1981 television version opposite Anthony Andrews.

Matthew Goode Thinks Ben Wishaw’s Pretty


Kanna Says:Okay,forget the Iron part.Matthew thinks Ben is pretty!Aww…he can’t be gay.Can he?Althow this is kinda…fag….but nu-uh!He is not gay…cause it’s so fuckin’ true!The hole „The Perfume” movie I couldn’t breath.Please watch it…fall in love.=]

Oh and also watch stoned.Rolling stones story.He’s so god damn beautiful!Matt is not,gay,just gealous…Ben is not a fuckin asshole who steals actors parts…he’s just too beautiful sometimes.Damn,love the british!

Pentru ca,fiinda,deoarece.

26 05 2007

Draga concetateni,mi sa pus stupida intrebare:”Ce tot faci atat la calculator?”

Stupid?Nuuuuuuuu!!!Ci genial….deoarece,fiindca si pentru ca….mi-am adus aminte de ce stau pe net.Inafara de faptul ca o frec pe site-uri gay-ste,vorbesc si cu lumea,ascult muzica sau fac site-uri lamere…mi-am adus aminte ca faceam video-uri de genul cand la scoala nu stateam si pe net eu o frecam.Urmatorul este la fel de realizat prin stupiditatea mea precum si celelalte…..”chestii”.

Oh,and someone told me I’m the most full of narcisism human beeing.It hurt….I cried.:(